Instrument Rental

Do you need to rent affordable instruments for your visit to Barcelona or an event you are organising? Our sister rental company offers the full range of instruments with no hidden cost or complication – choose, pay and play.


Whether you are a student at the school or you are looking for a guitar or piano to rent for an occasion, special event, or just to enjoy while on holiday in Barcelona we can arrange that.

We offer a range of instrument from Guitars for rent, to Digital Pianos for rent to the versatile Guitalele to the dynamic Ukulele to Amplifiers, Clarinets etc…

Example Instruments

 Instrument RentalDepositRental Price
Camps ECO RONDA Guitar70€43€
Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Guitar75€45€
Fender Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought60€40€
Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar 80€48€
Casio Digital Piano 140€61€
Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano150€64€
Kala Makala Ukulele30€10€
Admira Paloma Guitar60€35€
Bernard Clarinet280€80€
OQAN Cello 4/4160€64€

For our students wishing to invest in an instrument, but are unable to afford a guitar or we offer rental plans with an option to buy.

Please contact us to find out more.

The school also has a range of guitars and other instruments for sale. Please come and visit us, to see our selection. Ask us about our guitars sourced from local luthiers. You can also purchase accessories for the guitar – strings, tuners, amplifiers, foot stools, music stands, and much more. Pop into the store during our working hours or call ahead to enquire about our instruments. Appointments to try our various Guitars can be made at any hour, by calling us directly.