Guitar Group Lessons

The Shine School of Music offers group guitar classes for both advanced and beginner students in Barcelona.

Learning an instrument in a group offers a new dynamic in which to study music. Playing as part of the band, you will learn techniques and styles in a fun environment, which differ from private lessons. The ability to play in duet or jam together has both social and learning benefits. Besides giving the student a myriad of new musical skills, learning together in a group also offers economic benefits and allows students who may not have been able to experience the joys of music a chance to learn one of the most powerful instruments today!

Shine’s group guitar courses are facilitated by two of our excellent teachers, both professional musicians with years of teaching practice. The courses are set to a fixed schedule with the group learning as a whole to perform together, as well as individually. The group will explore different genres of music, and acquire a proficient skill-set.

The Shine School of Music has guitars on hand for students to play on during the class, no need to bring your own, unless you want to. This provides an excellent opportunity for those wishing to try out the instrument, without having to purchase a guitar first. Our teachers and staff are on hand to guide you through the process, should you wish to buy a guitar from the school, and we have various discounts for students. For those who want to practice at home, we also rent guitars to students!

Fixed Hour Group Guitar Classes Schedule

48€ a month (4 classes1 hour each) or 42€ Debit Order. 119€ a Trimester.   
Group Guitar for BeginnersMondays20.00h
Group Guitar IntermediateTuesdays20.00h
Group Guitar AdvancedWednesdays20.00h
Group Guitar ClassicalTuesdays20.00h

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