Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses are available online or in Barcelona

Are you looking for something new to learn or would you like a crash course in a specific instrument? Our Intensive Courses are specifically tailored for students with limited time who are looking to improve their musical skills or learn a new method within a short space of time.

Intensive Courses are available in a variety of instruments and styles, however we specialize in Flamenco Guitar, Classical Guitar, Blues / Jazz Guitar, Folk / Pop (Acoustic) Guitar, Rock (Electric) Guitar, Bass Guitar.

Intensive Courses are aimed at students who wish to study for a short period of time usually no longer than six weeks. We also offer Intensive Piano Courses as well as other instruments including Ukulele , Cavaquinho and even Latin Percussion.

Usually intensive courses run on alternate days (as follows: Mon,Wed&Fri / Tue,Thu&Sat). Other arrangements can be made depending on the availability or level of the student. Contact us to discuss your course or find out availability in your chosen instrument.

We also offer specialised short term exam training for students undertaking Trinity College Exams or the Royal School of Music Exams.

Intensive Courses

  • 3 Hour Per Week RECOMMENDED 95€ weekly
  • 2 Hours per Week 75€ weekly
  • 4 Hours per Week 115€ weekly
  • 4.5 Hours per Week 125€ weekly
  • 5 Hours per Week 135€ weekly
  • 6 Hours per Week 155€ weekly

Intensive Classes Extended

  • Classes 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
  • 3 hours per week 95€ 155€ 215€ 275€
  • 2 horas por semana 75€ 115€ 155€ 195€
  • 4 hours per week 115€ 195€ 275€ 355€
  • 4.5 hours per week 125€ 215€ 305€ 395€
  • 5 hours per week 135€ 235€ 335€ 435€
  • 6 hours per week 155€ 275€ 395€ 515€
*An enrolment fee of 35 EUR is applicable for all students except students who do a once-off 90 minute class.
*Debit Order your payments and enjoy discounts on your monthly payment, significant discounts on all combos and group classes, as well as hassle free and easy payments!
*Custom courses are available, and prices vary depending on the total number of lessons scheduled. Please consult with the school directly for more accurate course prices.
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Music surrounds us. From the minute we are conscious of sound, music filters into our brains. The rhythmic sounds of a heart beat or voices, a lullaby to send us to sleep. Birdsong, a street side orchestra, and as we get older we find bands and singers that we enjoy, and perhaps even begin to play music ourselves!

There is no wrong or right music! A sequence of notes, a rhythm, a lesson can be found in every song. Students who are learning about the music they enjoy will be more likely to practice, and, as they say, practice makes perfect. Students will progress faster and become more proficient, making learning harder things that much easier for both teacher and learner!

Music lessons should be dynamic. Music is not something you can just memorise. It’s an artistic and creative expression.

A music teacher can spot a guitar student sitting in the wrong posture a mile away. It’s this eye for detail that make a skilled teacher important for the music student. Teachers at The Shine School of Music will guide students in fundamentals, setting each student up for life, honing their musical skills, and providing a platform to improve, expand and develop their musical repertoire.