Music Awareness for Kids

Shine Music School runs Kid’s Music Awareness group courses for children ages 3 to 5 years in Barcelona.

At Shine School of Music in Barcelona, we believe that music can offer important learning and developmental skills. Each child can learn about music, through touch, sound and thought, all in a safe, creative environment focused on hands-on learning through play. Let’s offer the best building blocks for our children through Musical Stimulation from the earliest stages, allowing them to develop to their fullest potential!

Our group musical awareness classes in Barcelona promote motor development through music and play. Guided by a professional teacher, each child is encouraged to experiment with music. Using music as a tool to discover the world, while building on important language, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Our objectives with this course will be to discover the body, voice, oral language, visual language and rhythm, while enjoying all that music has to offer, through songs, instruments and play. We will encourage a love of music, as well as a creative outlet for our growing students, providing them with new ways in which to interact with their environments, at home, at school and everywhere else.

Our courses offer a great grounding in music, a stepping stone to what may become a lifelong musical journey. As a parent, the Kid’s Music Awareness groups give insight into their child’s future musical potential as well as providing beneficial life long skills.

Contact the school to find out more and sign up your littlest to learn all about music. Read our interview here with Piano teacher Leandro to find out why learning music from a young age can be so important!

Fixed Hour Group Kid's Music Awareness Classes Schedule

48€ a month (4 classes1 hour each) or 44€ Debit Order. 119€ a Trimester.   
Kid's Music AwarenessWednesdays17.30h

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