Composition and Arrangement Classes

The Shine Music School located in Barcelona offers Composition and Arrangement classes with a qualified and experienced teacher.

Based on the knowledge and interests of each student, individual curriculums are developed and work is constructed to shape musical ideas in different genres and styles: melodic development, harmony, form, instrumentation, home recording, score editing, etc.

Starting from a theme or a song (melody and chords), the concepts and techniques are studied to develop an arrangement for any instrumental formation (rock band, big band, string quartet, symphony orchestra, etc.) depending on the genre or style. (rock, pop, indie, jazz, blues, etc.): instrumentation, form, reharmonization, composition of introductions, interludes, endings, countermelodies, etc.

There are also programs for editing scores, midi and audio (finale, musescore, cubase, reaper) to be able to record and make models of each students arrangements.

-Composition “classic”
-Composition “popular” (rock, pop, jazz, blues, etc)
-Composition of songs