Singing Group Class


“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”
― E.Y. Harburg

Shine School of Music in Barcelona offers Group Singing Classes. A unique and affordable way to enjoy music together. Coached by a professional singing teacher, lessons are enjoyable and interesting. Learn from each other and discover the varied ways the voice can be combined.

Singing can benefit your immune system, as well as your emotional well being. It is a strong social lubricant and can help you break out of your shell. Let the teachers at Shine Music School show you how to improve your posture, train your voice and let your musical journey begin!

Lessons will touch on the basics of singing and students will be exposed to a myriad of musical experiences including Pop & Rock, Voice training,  Contemporary & Modern, and  Folk music.

Our professional teachers will coach and train you using tried and tested methods within a fun and relaxed environment. You will develop your postural, respiratory and vocal techniques to achieve functional phonation. We will also work on your scenic and interpretative work, and create a repertoire according to your individual and group development.

Students will develop a vocal identity and our group stage work allows you to enrich your experiences in a shared environment, thus overcoming barriers of inhibition and then being able to develop creativity with more freedom.

“Singing is a natural antidepressant. When you sing, your body releases endorphins—chemicals that make you feel happy. So, the next time you are feeling down break into your favorite song. Singing also helps in lowering your stress levels.” – makingmusicmag

Content of the group singing lessons will touch on the following:

  • Breathing. Exercises that favor functional inspiration and phonation.
  • Vocalizations Tuning and auditory perception. Breathing as an element of rhythm and intonation.
  • Recognition, differentiation, coordination and development of volume, height and timbre.
  • Diction, articulation and phonetics. Functional vowels. Knowledge of the vocal tract and its acoustic possibilities.
  • Development of physical perception. Position. Muscle chains. The body as a musical instrument.
  • Scenic work and repertoire. Interpretation. Development of the vocal identity. Theatrical exercises in favor of expressive freedom.
  • Vocal functioning knowledge (Anatomy and Physiology of the respiratory system, laryngeal apparatus and vocal tract)

We currently offer fixed time group singing lessons.

Fixed Hour Group Singing Classes Schedule

48€ a month (4 classes1 hour each) or 44€ Debit Order. 119€ a Trimester.   
Group Singing
(pending confirmation)
Wednesdays or Thursdays19.15h
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