Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

An enrolment fee of 35 EUR is applicable for all students except students who do a once-off 90 minute class.

The student is expected to pay for tuition monthly in advance (by the 5th of every month) or at the beginning of the course for the number of lessons stated on his/her invoice.

The student contracts a number of hours per month or per pack of lessons. Monthly students are obligated to attend all of their scheduled classes in one calendar month and the teachers must ensure that the number of assigned monthly hours is met for each student.

All private (individual) classes may be scheduled in accordance with the teacher; group classes follow a planned schedule as set out by the school.

In case a student wishes to reschedule a lesson, the student must notify the secretary of the school at least 48 hours before the scheduled lesson.

If any lessons are cancelled (prior to the lesson) they must be recuperated in agreement with the teacher. Missed lessons cannot be deducted nor carried over to the following month.

The school reserves the right increase the price of lessons throughout the year.

In the case of a student going on holiday (or similar) the lessons for that month do not have to be paid for as long as the information is passed onto the teacher with sufficient time (i.e. before the holiday) It is expected that by arranging classes, student or parents of students agree that there will be a daily practice of the instrument.

The teacher reserves the right to discontinue a student’s lessons if his/her attendance and/or work is less than satisfactory.