Elbi Olalla

Elbi Olalla teaches piano at the Shine School of Music.

Elbi Olalla is a pianist, composer, and music arranger. She founded Altertango in 2001, a group with which she has recorded 7 albums and  toured different parts of the world. Elbi has participated in recordings with different artists and her works have been recorded by several musicians from the Tango Siglo XXI scene. In Mendoza, she coordinated the work of Microtango, a group of young tango artists and, between 2014 and 2017, she directed the Mercalli Sismic Orchestra.

During the most recent years Elbi recorded Piano Cancion, album of tangos and songs with Alejandro Guyot (34 PUÑALADAS) presented in Santiago, Valparaiso, Puerto Montt (Chile) Mendoza, Buenos Aires and La plata (Argentina), Barcelona, ​​Paris, Bern and London. Elbi has been the organizer and producer of cultural events and tours such as the presentation RADIOTANGO, EL HAPPENING in the Cultural Building, Mendoza (2017) the Pianistic Concert Series in the council of engineers in Mendoza, as well as several national and international tours of Altertango.

In Barcelona, ​​she continues her artistic career with Josefina Rozenwasser Marín (Mor, tango duo) whom she accompanies in the Tango en el Raval concert series, along with Sandra Rehder, Ana K García and others. She also organizes the Piano Obsessió concerts in Synesthesia, activities and workshops in Espai Ku and is dedicated to teaching piano.