David Flores

David Flores teaches violin and piano at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona. He specialises in jazz, modern and flamenco violin.

Born in Vila-real in 1999, David studied both violin and piano professionally, obtaining the “Santiago Nàcher” scholarship and the “Extraordinary Prize” for both instruments. He studied under Vera Martínez Mehner (Quartet Casals) for his 4th year violin at ESMUC. At age 13 he traveled to Taipei to perform with the Taipei Conductor Chamber Young Artist Orchestra at the National Concert Hall. Since then he has collaborated with different national and international professional orchestras.

Performing with the Tamisos Trio, he went on to be awarded the first prizes in different competitions. He was invited to the XI Heinrich-Neuhaus Meisterkurs für Klavier in Germany to play with the Roteblumen Trio, playing a series of concerts in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands. He received training in jazz and modern violin, as well as flamenco and has participated in different recordings of OST, shorts, clips and created a CD with The Django Orchestra, mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

In 2020 he collaborated as a composer and performer with  Pinya Bausch in the show «Brossa és Brossa» and also presented  the project “Las Criaturas de Prometeo” by Beethoven together with the Floros Ensemble.

Currently he is completing his masters in free composition at ESMUC and most recently taught piano in Terrassa at the CEM Escola de Música. In 2021 he collaborated with the Carpe Diem Chamber St. Petersburg Orchestra and The City of Girls and Boys to assist children in the process of socialization, the development of their socio-cultural experience and to create conditions for self-realization in society with Socio-pedagogical activities.

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