Ivan Ilic perfoms with Tetra Pack

We have just added a new video of one of our teachers Ivan Ilic performing with his band Tetra Pack.

Read more about Ivan on his Estudio Shine profile, and let us know if you would like to have classes with him. He teaches Contemporary Guitar including Jazz & Blues, as well as Electric (Pop&Rock/Heavy)and Acoustic (Folk) guitar.

You can catch one of his live performances by visiting his website.


  1. I wouldnt receommnd learning guitar online. I learned it from a teacher and it’s a lot better because they explain it to you and they slow down if you need them to and you can ask them questions

    • hi Sabrina,
      Our lessons online are personalized private classes with a teacher via webcam. They are not set lessons that you watch to teach yourself. You have a “live” real time class, so our teachers can go at any speed you need, and you learn exactly the way you would if you attended a class in person. If you are interested contact us, and we will happily offer you a trial class.

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