Exam Students practice concert 2014

Students of the school who participated in exams this year performed in a small intimate concert for family and friends before undertaking their practical exams. The small concert was organised and arranged by one of Estudio Shine’s teachers Gian Carlo Scevola. Gian Carlo has been organising the student exams this year. He teaches Classical Guitar, Contemporary Guitar encompassing Jazz & Blues Guitar, Electric Guitar (Pop&Rock/Heavy) and Acoustic Guitar (Folk), and Guitar Styles from Latin America (Tango, Bossa Nova, Bolero, Samba, etc.) as well as Music Theory and Composition at the Shine School of Music. He understands what goes into preparing for exams and arranged this small concert to encourage each student who would be entering exams.


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Each student had a chance to perform their exam piece in front of a small crowd. The concert helped the students practice performing under pressure and demonstrate their pieces to fellow students also undertaking exams. Friends and family were able to come and watch and enjoy all the students in a small gallery in Gracia, just down the road from Estudio Shine. The informal concert was a great get together for all Estudio Shine music lovers, and a good chance for the teachers to see how to help to improve their students playing just before the important exam.


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Having a concert like this before the exam, encourages students to practice hard.  When the actual exam occurs, they are well prepared and not anxious of performing in front of the examiners from the UK, who come to review the students during the Trinity  and Royal College of Music Exams. Estudio Shine offers students the chance to progress through various exams held by both of these well respected music schools, including Classical, Jazz and Rock & Pop exams.




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